Petar Divjanovic

As the Head of Digital HR Solutions for DEKRA Arbeit Group, Petar Divjanovic is overseeing projects in 20 countries on the European market, focusing on generating ideas and initiatives which facilitate organisational growth and provide DEKRA Arbeit Group clients with unique HR solutions. This role allows him to support, create and manage global HR programmes for top performing companies from automotive, logistic, IT and e-mobility industry.

Petar is based in DEKRA Arbeit HQs in Stuttgart where he is in charge of innovation and digital transformation projects inside the DEKRA Arbeit Group. Introduction of modern communication and collaboration tools, integration of chat platforms in candidate management processes and engaging via video recruitment ads are the top amongst his latest initiatives.

Petar Divjanovic is managing D-Vision: Business Development Lab in Belgrade, where together with his team, he is trying to design new HR business ecosystem through digitalising already existing portfolio offerings and developing new HR based platforms. Recently D-Vision developed D-Works,  a web solution to speed up, simplify, improve internal HR processes, and provide DEKRA Arbeit partners with a complete overview of their international business cooperation.

As a proud millennial, Petar is putting an emphasis on emotional intelligence and collaboration between all stakeholders; preparing them for the Future of Work and speaking often about it on HR conferences and panels.

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