The Experts: Petar Divjanovic on Digital Innovation in Recruitment

Petar Divjanovic

Head of Digital HR Solutions, DEKRA Arbeit Group

As the Head of Digital HR Solutions for DEKRA Arbeit Group, Petar Divjanovic is overseeing projects in 20 countries on the European market, focusing on generating ideas and initiatives which facilitate organisational growth and provide DEKRA Arbeit Group clients with unique HR solutions. This role allows him to support, create and manage global HR programmes for top performing companies from automotive, logistic, IT and e-mobility industry.

Petar is based in DEKRA Arbeit HQs in Stuttgart where he is in charge of innovation and digital transformation projects inside the DEKRA Arbeit Group. Introduction of modern communication and collaboration tools, integration of chat platforms in candidate management processes and engaging via video recruitment ads are the top amongst his latest initiatives.

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In this clip, Petar Divjanovic, Head of Digital HR Solutions at DEKRA Arbeit Group, discusses how his firm built their digital roadmap with a focus on innovation.

How do you define digital transformation?

From our perspective, digital transformation is just small, incremental steps in digitalizing, not the whole ecosystem, but the parts of our ecosystem that will bring us closer to our clients and candidates.

What impact will digital transformation have on recruitment?

We’re all facing the same challenges. There’s no company that is immune to digital transformation and the innovation going on in the HR industry. We are not tech companies, not all of us. We are staffing and recruitment companies to begin with. Our ways of engaging with people is a bit different. We can digitalize the whole process, but in the end, if our candidate says, “I’m not coming,” there is no robot or digital solution that can solve it or can change the ways in how candidates decide or their feelings, something like that.

What role does innovation play in digital transformation? 

In 2016, we created our strategy-focused roadmap and innovation was one of the main points inside it. When we speak about innovation, we speak about digital transformation. I said earlier, innovation is not some kind of stock or commodity or a suit that you will wear tomorrow. It’s a vision. It’s a final goal of where you’re heading, but you really need to go step-by-step, not by creating some breakthrough technology, but by just improving the things that will have an immediate return on investment and it will settle the ground for further improvement.

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