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Industry News: Must-Read Articles about the Workforce Ecosystem


Marketplace Milestones: Updates from the Bullhorn Marketplace


Around the Horn: Ideas and Insights from Bullhorn and RIX


Industry News:

Must-Read Articles about the Workforce Ecosystem


Got a Criminal Record? Will Hire: Businesses Pledge to Give Formerly Incarcerated a Chance

Not only will this help decrease the more than 7.8 million jobs needed to be filled by 2020, this will also help prevent offenders from returning to criminal activity in order to provide for their families. “Twenty-three states and Washington, D.C., have banned private or public employers from asking prospective employees if they have a criminal history until after they’ve passed an initial screening, had an interview or been given a conditional job offer, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some local jurisdictions, like New York City, also ban most workplaces from asking about criminal history until they’re offered employment.” READ MORE


Pay Gap Still Exists, but Narrowing Slightly in U.S.: Glassdoor

While there’s still a significant pay gap between men and women, it’s tapered a bit since 2016 in the U.S., U.K., France, and Australia, according to new research from Glassdoor. “One of the most significant factors contributing to the pay gap are the industries and jobs that men and women sort themselves into, also known as ‘occupational sorting.’ This factor explains about 56.5% of the overall US pay gap. In the US, the adjusted gender pay gap is the largest for pilots at 26.6%, followed by chefs at 24.6% and C-suite professionals at 24.0%. Occupations with the largest reverse pay gap, where women earn more than men, include merchandiser and research assistant.” READ MORE


Stop Eliminating Perfectly Good Candidates by Asking Them the Wrong Questions

It’s important to ask questions related to capabilities, not just experiences, and uncover the things that candidates love to work on. “Candidates are too often screened out because they don’t fit a particular pattern – one survey found as many as 75% of resumes don’t make it past Applicant Tracking Systems…Unfortunately, right now, an estimated 77% of all jobs (60% in the U.S. and 80% worldwide) require little to no creativity, decision-making, or independent judgment. But if you are working on innovation, you need someone who can think with you. And by focusing on capability over experience, you increase the chances you find that person.” READ MORE


Marketplace Milestones:

Updates from the Bullhorn Marketplace


The Advantages of Advanced Shift Confirmation

Our partner, Sirenum, discusses the power of advanced shift confirmation. “Advanced shift confirmation allows workers to confirm they are ready for their shift in advance via mobile app. This way, the agency has the certainty that everything is going well, being able to focus only on those workers that, for some reason, haven’t confirmed. Let’s see the advantages staffing businesses experience when switching to a modern workforce management solution with advanced shift confirmation.” READ MORE 


Looking to Kick-Off a Content Marketing Strategy? Start Here.

Our partner, Herefish, explains the importance of content marketing for staffing and recruiting firms. “Content marketing sees branded content – be it a blog, a video, a newsletter or a social media post – being created and shared with the public; for free. This content doesn’t explicitly promote your business or product, but is instead intended to offer value to the audience, be that in the form of education, entertainment or a mix of the two. Rather than shout to the masses and hope that someone hears, content marketing pulls an intended person aside, gives them something valuable, and hopefully stimulates interest in the brand, product or service at the same time.” READ MORE


AllyO Advisory Board Adds Key Industry Influencers

Our partner, AllyO, established a new advisory board to help guide the company in serving the staffing and recruiting industry, and solving its biggest challenges. “‘Following a successful 2018, we’re excited to continue our momentum in 2019. With support from our trusted Advisory Board, which brings together some of today’s leading thinkers from across HR tech and talent acquisition, we’re well on our way to making recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. I want to thank each of our new members for partnering with us,’ said AllyO co-founder Sahil Sahni.” READ MORE


Around the Horn:

Ideas and Insights from Bullhorn and RIX


How Keeping Compliant Helps Recruiting Leaders Avoid the Staffing Scaries

“The threat of non-compliance in staffing can pack a brutal punch that many businesses may not be able to rebound from. And the threat’s not isolated to small businesses. Midsize and enterprise firms can feel the pain, too. From a financial hit your firm can’t afford to face to a total knockout that could completely put your firm out of business, smart staffing leaders know they need to treat the issue of compliance extremely seriously if they want to protect their businesses.” READ MORE


The Experts: Steven Levenkron on Embracing the Evolution of Recruitment

In this clip, Steven Levenkron, Chief Information Officer at Addison Group, discusses how the recruitment industry is evolving and how firms must evolve with it. “The more technology they’re introducing, it seems they’re now realizing technology won’t fix everything and they’re really focusing back again on the people at the right time, it’s a candidate-driven market. I think there was a time, especially in the 2000s, the early 2000s, where we automated everything with technology and thought we could replace the people.” WATCH THE VIDEO


Reskilling: A Game-Changing Opportunity for Recruitment Agencies

“While these confluent factors certainly create difficulties for agencies in an increasingly candidate-driven market, they also present a historic opportunity. The shortage has created a demand for recruitment agencies, and with it, an opening for these agencies to provide an unprecedented level of value. Recruitment agencies can do more than place talent; they can create talent by reskilling candidate pools.” READ MORE


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