Enterprise Insights | March 2019

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Industry News: Must-Read Articles about the Workforce Ecosystem


Marketplace Milestones: Updates from the Bullhorn Marketplace


Around the Horn: Ideas and Insights from Bullhorn and RIX


Industry News:

Must-Read Articles about the Workforce Ecosystem


Despite Tight Job Market, Labor Force’s Income Is Squeezed

Globalization and technology have also played a role. “Employee pay and benefits as a percentage of gross domestic income fell to 52.7% in last year’s third quarter, for the fourth straight quarterly decline, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It was as high as 59% in 1970 and 57% in 2001. If workers were commanding as much of domestic income as they did in 2001, they’d have nearly $800 billion more in their pockets, or $5,100 per employed American.” READ MORE


Tech Is Splitting the U.S. Work Force in Two

Automation is hitting low-wage jobs the hardest, providing few chances for advancement. “Automation is splitting the American labor force into two worlds. There is a small island of highly educated professionals making good wages at corporations like Intel or Boeing, which reap hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit per employee. That island sits in the middle of a sea of less educated workers who are stuck at businesses like hotels, restaurants and nursing homes that generate much smaller profits per employee and stay viable primarily by keeping wages low.” READ MORE


Majority of Workers Must Undergo On-the-Job Training: BLS

A case about the importance of reskilling. “On-the-job training was required for 76.8% of all civilian workers in 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Requirements Survey released Thursday. The average length of on-the-job training was 34 days.” READ MORE


Marketplace Milestones:

Updates from the Bullhorn Marketplace


Marketplace Musings: Act Immediately on Artificial Intelligence

Todd Duclos, Bullhorn’s director of enterprise alliances, discusses how to effectively formulate a strategy for artificial intelligence. It’s a great read. “There is a tremendous opportunity to follow the innovator’s way of testing, failing, and learning while these early Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and AI capabilities begin to merge and grow into new capabilities and efficiencies. While these technologies are in their infancy, teach them to crawl and babble, so one day they can run and speak for your business.” READ MORE 


Using Automation and Text Messaging to Create an Amazing Candidate Experience with TextUs and Herefish

The power of automated text messaging will allow recruiters to create even stronger relationships with their candidates. “Now, when you hear ‘automated text messaging,’ you may think of the spammy SMS marketing of yore, but that’s not what we’re about. We empower you to create a personalized experience that gives your candidates a 1:1 connection with your recruiters.” READ MORE


DaXtra Partners with DocCafe.com and MedJobCafe.com to Place Candidates in Medical Fields, Faster

The partnership will enable recruiters to save valuable time when sourcing healthcare candidates, which has become increasingly more challenging over the years. “This partnership couples world leading, high accuracy, multilingual resume, job parsing, search and match technology with the most trusted career development sources for those in the healthcare industry.” READ MORE


Around the Horn:

Ideas and Insights from Bullhorn and RIX


The Globalization Opportunity: Recruitment’s Worst-Kept Secret

“The globalization of the recruitment industry is well underway. As businesses look to scale and operate in new geographies, and talent becomes increasingly mobile beyond country borders, it’s important to consider the implications for recruitment businesses. Do the expanded global talent pool and the low barriers to entry for recruitment agencies create new opportunities or do they simply make a crowded field even more competitive?” READ MORE


The Experts: Joby Myers and Virginia Watson on the Challenges of VMS

In this clip, Joby Myers, Regional Director of Operations at ProLink Staffing, and Virginia Watson, Founder of Watson Workforce Solutions, LLC, discuss the challenges and opportunities of leveraging vendor management systems. “I actually, 10 years ago would have rather put my head in the sand than face forward and say, ‘MSP is really going to change the way we do business.’ VMS is the technology that’s driving the change because customers really don’t have access to the data. They need the data. So to your point, we live with it. I think for most staffing firms, it creates an opportunity for them to grow their business, but they have to change their model. They have to change what their recruiters are focused on.” WATCH VIDEO


Leading a Team Across 50 Countries: A Q&A with Janette Marx

Janette Marx is CEO of Airswift, and since 2014 she’s been working with a team of 7,000 people across 50 offices. In this interview, she talks about building an organization that delivers a values-based experience through its service organization and the challenges of doing so on a global scale. “Leading a global team and working across multiple countries and continents makes you aware of all the differences in cultures. Shifting my communication style to ensure I was heard and understood in different locations was critical to driving our initiatives successfully. Some of the key differences between various countries are with employment law, overall work practices, expectations on similar jobs, and acceptable reward systems.” READ MORE


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