The Experts: Richard Earl on Being Human

Richard Earl

Founder and Executive Chairman, Talent International

Richard founded Talent in 1995 in Perth before expanding to Sydney and the Eastern States in 2000. Richard now drives the global business strategy for Talent and is taking this global brand to new heights to establish Talent as one of the most pre-eminent and innovative brands across APAC and Europe.

Welcome to our video series, The Experts. In the series, we interview staffing leaders to hear their perspectives on industry trends, lessons they’ve learned in the careers, and their leadership philosophies.

In this clip, we speak to Richard Earl, Founder and Executive Chairman of Talent International, on what it means to be human in the workplace. Richard shares what values he finds most important, as well as the qualities he looks for in the ideal employee.

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RIX: What values are most important to you?

Richard Earl: My own personal mantra is keep developing, and that’s at a professional and personal level, and keep having fun. And if those things aren’t happening, be smart enough to recognize it, admit it, and do something different.


RIX: How do you put this mantra into practice?

Richard Earl: So we’ve been working with Virgin for the last few years. They’ve been part of our Talent Unleashed Awards and more recently they asked us to get involved in one of their special programs called 100% Human at Work, which is an initiative of the B Team, and 100% Human at Work is about ensuring companies have a progressive environment around the workplace. It’s about regarding workers as humans and not resources. It’s about diversity, respect, equality, and really creating a more futuristic and progressive workplace environment. So, we were delighted to help them roll it out in Australia, recently. We also participate in the UK and North America. It’s a great program.


RIX: What do you look for in the ideal employee?

Richard Earl: Versality, an entrepreneurial spirit. You know, I think we’re a fairly lean business, we achieve a lot with not a lot of people. So I think flexibility, ideas, people who think about what they’re doing, and people that have a desire to make a difference.

“People that have a desire to make a difference… that have a genuine caring nature, those are the key things we look for.” - @EarlTalentInt on what he looks for in the ideal employee. Share on X

I think also the nature of our business is caring about what is going on out there. We have a foundation called Talent Rise, which helps young kids. The Unleash program is helping unleash potential in people. People that have a genuine caring nature, those are the key things we look for.