Saira Demmer

Saira is CFO at Ignata, a fast growing Professional Services recruitment firm. Saira grew up in West Yorkshire, with a burning desire to grow up to be a poet. She failed at that particular life goal, but went on to complete a degree in French & German at Oxford University and joined Deloitte in the M&A Strategy team. Saira was involved with over 40 M&A deals including a number of high profile deals in the recruitment sector. She was able to see first hand how the sector’s most talented management teams built and led their businesses and decided to make the jump into recruitment herself. In 2014 she joined Ignata, initially as Head of M&A to build a portfolio of businesses, and then became CFO a year later. Saira spends her time looking for new and innovative ways to grow the business and to provide clients with adaptable services they will genuinely love. When she isn’t working, Saira is either diving the oceans or climbing mountains and has recently returned from a climb (halfway) up Mount Everest.

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