The Experts: Jessica Koenes on Building Long-Lasting Connections Through Technology

Jessica Koenes

Director of IT Business Analysis, Addison Group

As the Director of IT Business Analysis at Addison Group, Jessica leads our innovative and strategic practices related to technology for our sales users. She currently oversees all technical implementations, vendor partnerships, workflow enhancements and system adoption optimization initiatives. Jessica’s team focuses on guiding Addison Group to optimize current recruiting delivery practices with technical solutions that will have a long-term impact on the bottom line. They drive these solutions by leveraging change agents within the organization and data-driven metrics for success.

Welcome to our video series, The Experts. In the series, we interview staffing and recruitment leaders to hear their perspectives on industry trends, lessons they’ve learned in the careers, and their leadership philosophies.

In this clip, Jessica Koenes, Director of IT Business Analysis at Addison Group, recently joined The Experts to discuss how staffing professionals are leveraging technology to build relationships with candidates and clients.

What staffing technology trends are you most excited about?

Jessica Koenes: I’m most excited about more actionable analytics and really driving home how we can make our recruiters more productive without making them data entry specialists. What they’re great at is building relationships and we should be great at identifying how we can make them great at their roles–and that’s via technology. How can we put more actionable data in front of them to where they know exactly what they should be doing?


How has technology transformed the way staffing professionals build relationships with candidates and clients?

Jessica Koenes: Technology aids in providing them an ability to build those relationships better by being able to get more data in front of them. When they’re making their call list they have exactly what that person does, how many people are leading up to them that they can make notes about, or even if their kids are in summer camp right now. They can have so much information at their fingertips to where it’s seamless and they’re able to create more long-lasting connections rather than more transactional connections.

That’s where the sweet spot is for recruiting. We’re getting into a very tricky market where we have the inflow of jobs coming in, but we have to keep growing the candidate pool. We’ve got to keep finding the talent that’s underneath the rock hiding from us. And the only way to do that is by creating those connections through our community and that’s with the data we have. It’s about being as clean as possible, acting on it as best as possible, and just finding ways to have better conversations.

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