Learn from the Experts at Engage Boston

Welcome to our video series, The Experts. In the series, we interview staffing and recruitment leaders to hear their perspectives on industry trends, lessons they’ve learned in the careers, and their leadership philosophies.

With Engage Boston a month away, we reflect on our favorite quotes from the experts who will be speaking at the premier global staffing and recruiting industry conference.

Carla McKelvey

Senior Vice President of Talent Engagement and Culture, Staffmark

Engage Boston Session: Investing in Innovation: New Approaches to Improving the Candidate and Client Journey

It can be tempting to rely on what makes the staffing industry great – trust and human relationships – but ultimately, as any great staffing leader will admit, an organization must operate with a high degree of efficiency, focus, and creativity for competitive advantage. That starts with an acknowledgment of the need for – and a concerted investment in – innovation. Catherine Carangelo of Bullhorn will moderate a panel of staffing visionaries who have all invested in innovation to take their organizations to the next level, with huge degrees of success.

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Jason Leverant

President/COO, AtWork Group

Engage Boston Session: Driving Internal Consensus Around Bullhorn Best Practices

Change management is complicated and challenging no matter how big your organization, but navigating it successfully is the precursor to digital transformation. The staffing leaders on this panel have creatively leveraged Bullhorn as a driver of internal cultural cohesion, as well as the brilliant ways they are expanding the use of Bullhorn’s ecosystem solutions to better drive organizational results. The crux of the conversation will be on interesting ways these panelists have leveraged Bullhorn’s family of solutions as well as internal impacts this usage and best practices have had.

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Joanie Courtney

Chief Marketing Officer and RemX President, EmployBridge

Engage Boston Session: Upskilling, Reskilling, Downskilling: Hidden Talent, Open Jobs

In an unprecedented talent shortage, with historically low unemployment, the need for creative generation of new labor pools has never been higher. The answer is reskilling – but how can agencies get started with these initiatives, should they be internal or external, and what constitutes success from a metrics perspective? This panel will focus on a frank and open discussion of the challenges and opportunities inherent in creating reskilling programs and techniques that staffing companies are leveraging to make reskilling work for them and their talent pools, including but not limited to: investing in their own training academies and in-house universities; catering to specific demographics of traditionally marginalized talent pools for reskilling such as neurodiverse candidates and veterans; and acquiring or partnering with learning institutions. This is a cannot-miss panel of visionary industry leaders.

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Joby Myers

Regional Director of Operations, ProLink Staffing

Engage Boston Session: Shifts in Thinking: Practical Strategies for Tackling Healthcare Staffing Challenges

The healthcare staffing sector is perennially growing, but faces a skills shortage that is particularly challenging. Complicating matters is the fact that reskilling – the exciting answer to labor shortages for myriad sectors – simply isn’t a very viable option for the healthcare sector, in which certifications and specializations are critical. This session, featuring three healthcare staffing leaders, will focus on changes in healthcare staffing, tectonic shifts and their impacts, and ways to leverage technology to address critical skills challenges.

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Justin Thomason

Vice President of Recruiting, Matrix Resources

Engage Boston Session: Low-Hanging Fruit: Making the Most of Your Bullhorn Investment

How do you get more out of the investment in Bullhorn that you’ve already made? Find out from two of our most beloved industry and product experts – Eddy Lee and Kristin Smith – with the invaluable added perspective of a longtime customer, Justin Thomason of MATRIX Resources. This session on practical and easy-to-leverage tips and tricks was one of our most popular Engage London breakouts, and we’ve brought it across the pond to wow American audiences! You won’t want to miss this one.

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Virginia Watson

Founder, Watson Workforce Solutions, LLC.

Engage Boston Session: Automation with a Human Touch: Navigating the Changing World of Candidate Engagement

Automation is ubiquitous, and for the first time, we’re beginning to see it serve as the foundation for enterprise-level artificial intelligence use cases that could fundamentally change the staffing industry as we know it. The more practical use case? Engaging with hard-to-find and hard-to-entice talent. How can staffing firms leverage automation and potentially AI to better connect with passive or underutilized talent? Moderated by Bullhorn’s Gordon Burnes, this session will focus on recruiting firm branding and digital marketing strategies to engage with untapped talent pools.

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