Navigating the New World – An Executive’s Perspective

Bev White

Chief Executive Officer, Harvey Nash

Bev is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Harvey Nash. Previously, Bev was the CEO at Gi Group and her responsibilities included temporary and permanent recruitment across a UK wide network of branches and onsite managed client operations, professional search and selection, coaching, career development career transition and training.  

James Allen

Chief Operations Director, Airswift

James has been with Airswift since 2000 and has held a variety of positions within the business including Strategic Business Development and Regional Vice President. James is currently the Chief Operations Director and is responsible for the development and management of global operations, business process improvement, QA, safety, HR and the project management office.

Welcome to Take It from the Top, a podcast brought to you by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange (also known as RIX). On Take It from the Top, we interview leaders within the recruitment industry to discuss various pressing topics within the sector.

This week, Shaun Weise, Regional Vice President – Enterprise at Bullhorn is joined by Bev White, Chief Executive Officer at Harvey Nash, and James Allen, Chief Operations Director at Airswift, to discuss how the recruitment industry can navigate the new realities of work.

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1:40 The panelists introduce themselves and their backgrounds in staffing.

Managing Change and Culture

5:12 How their firms are adapting to the rapid changes in the work environment.

9:09 How their firms are managing Paid Time Off and Holiday in the new landscape of remote work.

11:10 What strategies they have in place to keep motivation up and the lessons Bev and James have learned so far.

How to Lead in a Crisis

16:15 James and Bev explain the key characteristics a leader should have at this point in time, and what the characteristics they’re looking for in their team.

21:30 Bev candidly answers how she shares her vulnerability as a leader.

24:08 James explains how he delivers an effective, unified message with clarity with multiple functions rolling up to him.

27:30 James and Bev discuss what video technologies they’re currently using to broadcast messages from their leadership teams.

28:50 Bev and James answer what their overall sentiments are right now as leaders and how their longer-term vision and strategy going into 2020 has changed.

30:40 They discuss whether they’ve softened KPIs or their metrics.

Opportunities Within the Disruption

32:30 James and Bev answer how active a discussion at board level their teams will evaluate the mixture of offices and remote workers they need going forward, considering how agile their teams have proven to be during the pandemic.

38:50 James and Bev discuss what they’re doing specifically with clients to help create opportunities.

43:00 James explains that he sees a big bounceback coming when this ends and discusses why he urges to not over cut.

Now vs. Past Recessions – The Differences

45:18 James explains the biggest differences he views from this recession as compared to past recessions.

47:10 Bev also discusses the biggest differences she sees in the current climate compared to past recessions.

50:40 Bev and James explain what courageous decisions their firms are making in order to successfully set themselves up for the bounceback. 

55:20 Bev and James leave us with their closing thoughts.

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