Bill Murray, MAS Medical Staffing, and the Meaning of Success

Bill Murray

Company Leader, MAS Medical Staffing

Bill Murray has been in the Staffing Industry for well over 12 years. He joined MAS Medical Staffing 8 years ago where he started out as a recruiter and worked his way up to now leading the Corporate Staffing Office and Travel Division in Southern New Hampshire.

“We are more than a company that fills jobs. We make a difference in people’s lives and have a positive impact on the world.”


Bill Murray, company leader at MAS Medical Staffing, joined Bullhorn’s Vinda Souza and Jonathan Novich and Monster’s Chris Cho on a recent panel on artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of staffing for the Massachusetts Staffing Association annual conference. Bill is equal parts adept at understanding the power of people and appreciating what the future holds – uncertainty, an unprecedented proliferation of technology, an increased reliance on human ingenuity and empathy, and a very real awareness that staffing firms who don’t innovate simply won’t exist in ten years.


Most importantly, however, is Bill’s appreciation for what’s really important at the end of the day: putting people to work, helping them learn and grow, making a positive difference in the world, and empowering others to realize their full potential.


Let’s meet Bill, in his own words:

Tell us about how you got into staffing.

Staffing was not an industry I knew much about until I had an internship my junior year in college at a firm in NH. I am not sure I was 100% sold from the internship but after I graduated college and wanted to come back home to New Hampshire, I needed a job.  Once I started recruiting, I realized quick I had found my home.The thrill of the hunt and the success of the placement had me hooked.

What is the MAS Medical Staffing difference? What makes it so special?

MAS promotes and sustains a culture that empowers excellence.  Our vision, core values, and company goals guide all our employees in their everyday actions.  We strive to provide an exceptional experience every time while maintaining that personal relationship which is key in staffing.  We are able to compete with the big companies while keeping the small company feel that candidates and customers love.

What gives you the greatest joy in doing your job?

My role has changed from when I started at MAS as a recruiter to now the company leader.  The greatest joy I receive is helping my employees learn and grow. I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with employees, helping them in their professional career as well as personal life.

What does your typical day look like at MAS?

I do not believe I have a “typical” day anymore.  When I was recruiting I was able to structure my day and schedule better and now I am focused on growing the company which consists of many different responsibilities.  On any given day I may be: leading the charge on the recruiting teams, running training sessions, holding company meetings, developing systems/processes to streamline our company, interviewing with potential new employees, discussing budget with the owner, speaking with clients, attending organization meetings, etc.  It is always changing and that is what I love about this role. Everything I do is to help grow the company which is the exciting part of my job.

What is the biggest business challenge you currently face?

Our biggest challenge is finding and hiring top talent. This struggle is with both internal hires and contract hires. The unemployment is low, companies are doing more and more to keep top talent, and we are trying new and innovative ways to recruit.

What do you anticipate as your biggest business challenge in ten years?

Our industry in constantly changing and evolving.  I am not sure I can anticipate the biggest challenge in 10 years, however, I can say that if MAS is not changing with the industry, we will not be here in 10 years.  If we are still recruiting the same, running our processes the same, using what made us successful the past 10 years and thinking that will get us through the next, we will be dead wrong.

What is your vision for the future of healthcare staffing?

The future of the healthcare staffing industry looks very different than it does today.  With the advancements of current technologies and the future of AI, we are looking at a completely different way of healthcare staffing. There will be more efficient ways for recruiters to obtain talent and provide a great experience to them. AI will be incorporated more and more helping recruiters/sales provide a more efficient and better overall experience to clients.  AI will not replace a physical person in recruiting, however, the person will have to learn to accept the changes and learn how to utilize this technology to its fullest potential.

What does success look like for you?

Success to me is when MAS is considered one of the leading and most respected agencies in the country.  We want to be known for providing an exceptional experience to our clients, candidates, and internal employees. We are more than a company that fills jobs. We make a difference in people’s lives and have a positive impact on the world.