4 Can’t-Miss Speakers at Engage London

With Engage London a month away, we reflect on our favorite pieces of RIX content from a handful of experts who will be speaking at its annual global staffing and recruiting industry conference. Engage is the perfect place to discover how to more effectively engage talent, leadership, and the future of staffing.

Geraldine King

CEO, National Recruitment Federation

Investing in People: Fixing the Industry’s Internal and External Reputation

Palace Suite, Tuesday, 10 September, 13:15 – 14:00

Dare we state the obvious, but recruitment has a pretty poor reputation with the observing public. One recent public opinion poll found that recruiters were deemed less trustworthy than politicians. Rather than have us all pack it in, how do we go about fixing the recruitment industry’s reputation? It turns out that change must start from within, and three of our industry’s most prolific (and gloriously opinionated) thought leaders will help us all see the light in this engaging, honest, and potentially humorous discussion.

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Dr. Marcia Goddard

Neuroscientist, &Ranj

The Science of Stress: Cultivating Recruiting Resilience

King’s Suite, Wednesday, 11 September, 11:45 – 12:30

Dr. Marcia Goddard, famed neuroscientist and recruitment expert, is back at Engage London by popular demand to speak about her newest area of cutting-edge academic research – the science of stress and its impact on recruiters. Recruiters and candidates alike are at full capacity in today’s economy, and it can be all too easy to get burned out in light of the demands on our time and attention, not to mention the ubiquitous fear of robots who may take our jobs. Dr. Goddard will share the facts behind stress, and discuss how you can leverage it to your advantage to be more effective as recruiters, generate better results and higher-quality work, and navigate the changing world of work.

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Zaidy Ramirez

CTO, K2 Partnering Solutions

Investing in Innovation: Advice from the Players on the Pitch

Windsor Suite, Wednesday, 11 September, 10:45 – 11:30

It can be tempting to rely on what makes the recruitment industry great – trust and human relationships – and believe that our mastery of understanding people will always get us out of tricky situations, but ultimately, as any great recruitment leader will admit, an organisation must operate with a high degree of efficiency, focus, and creativity for competitive advantage. That starts with an acknowledgment of the need for – and a concerted investment in – innovation. Shaun Weise of Bullhorn will moderate a panel of recruitment visionaries who have all invested in practical innovations – from pursuing private equity backing to embracing emotional intelligence as a business strategy – to take their organisations to the next level, with huge degrees of success.

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James Johnson

Group CEO, Nicoll Curtin

Diversity and Inclusion: Culture as a Business Driver

Palace Suite, Tuesday, 10 September, 15:45 – 16:30

There’s no debate anymore – diverse companies are more profitable, deliver better customer value, and have reduced internal attrition. Additionally, with new legislation in various countries mandating female and minority representation on corporate boards and in the interview process, complicated by a historically low unemployment rate and dearth of talent, the need for strategies to increase access to diverse candidates has never been stronger. So why aren’t all recruiters, at this point, experts in finding diverse talent and ensuring these employees feel included in their company culture? The answer could stem from any number of things – changing definitions of “diversity,” an unwillingness to look beyond traditional recruitment methods, or the inability to successfully coach and train internal talent. In this panel, moderated by Dominic Herbert, we’ll quickly change that – taking a frank, honest look at what it takes to increase your diverse pipeline and keep those candidates engaged and happy for the entirety of their assignment and beyond.

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